Shanghai gay

Shanghai gay

Scopri Shanghai, la città più grande del mondo e sede di una scena gay amichevole e in rapido sviluppo


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Shanghai dazzles as a global hotspot where the old and new come together. Visitors admire the Bund's colonial charm and look out across the river at tomorrow's vision.

Qui, tra vicoli alberati e negozi alla moda, prospera una comunità gay vivace ma intima, che offre un accogliente contrasto con il panorama più conservatore della Cina. Nota per la sua capacità di restare unita e di adattarsi ai tempi, questa piccola comunità riflette lo spirito dinamico di Shanghai, rendendola una destinazione unica e dalla mentalità aperta in Asia.

The city's skyline, dominated by the futuristic skyscrapers of Pudong, contrasts dramatically with the historic architecture along the Bund, where colonial-era buildings line the waterfront, offering a picturesque view that has become emblematic of Shanghai's rapid development.

At the heart of this cosmopolitan city lies the French Concession, an area renowned for its quaint European ambiance, tree-lined avenues, and a vibrant assortment of boutiques, cafes, and bars. This district is not just a hub for fashion and leisure but also serves as the cultural epicenter of Shanghai's LGBTQ community. Here, amidst the art deco buildings and quiet streets, the community flourishes, providing a safe haven that contrasts sharply with the more reserved attitudes found elsewhere in China.

The LGBTQ scene in Shanghai is dynamic and increasingly visible, hosting a variety of events that celebrate diversity and freedom of expression. These include the annual Shanghai Pride, which began in 2009 and has grown to include a range of activities from art exhibitions and film screenings to panel discussions and parties, all aimed at boosting community visibility and fostering a spirit of inclusivity.

Moreover, Shanghai's cosmopolitan nature is reflected in its nightlife, with a range of gay-friendly bars and clubs that cater to a diverse international crowd, offering everything from laid-back lounges to lively dance venues. The city's openness to global influences is also evident in its dining scene, which includes a vast array of international cuisines, alongside traditional Chinese eateries offering local specialties.

Despite the vibrant community and its contributions to the city's cultural life, it's important to note that LGBTQ rights in China are still quite restricted compared to Western standards. Activism and advocacy work continue, striving for greater acceptance and legal rights within the broader social and political framework.

In essence, Shanghai is a city that not only embraces its past but also looks forward to the future, making it a unique, dynamic, and welcoming destination for LGBTQ travelers and residents alike, who find in its urban tapestry a place of both heritage and progressive change.

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